We’d grown tired of chunky, bland and gimmicky and decided to make our own: roasted, balanced & blended just the way we like it. Then - despite all the ‘expert’ advice we received - we set out to keep it FRESH. How do we accomplish that?⁣

For starters, we use fresh, roma tomatoes & for finishers, we don’t add unnatural preservatives & keep our salsa fresh & refrigerated. In between, we take fresh jalapeños & red peppers & roast them over an open flame for a bold & smoky charred flavor.⁣

To ensure that fresh, just-made taste, we eschew the more common methods for jarring salsa. Instead, we make Jalapa Jar in small batches, extracting the full flavor from each ingredient and then blend them all together with a balanced formula that’s about flavor, not just spice.  Not runny like hot sauce, not chunky like some other salsas...perfectly minced for dipping or dressing.

The salsa is then jarred and refrigerated immediately.  The difference is quite stark; think of the difference between a pizza, fresh out of a wood-fired oven versus the left over slices, not-so-freshly out of a microwave. Food is just better when it’s served fresh. Our salsa is best because it’s fresh.

Fresh Roasted. Fresh Blended. Fresh Kept.

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