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Making it in New York

Launching a product unlike anything else on the market means doing what no one else in the market is doing.

In 2018, the quality of the product was speaking for itself. With minimal marketing efforts, Jalapa Jar was a category disrupter, eagerly challenging the status quo of store-bought salsa, proving fresh could be made & distributed in a commercial capacity.

Mirroring the company’s adventurous and ambitious spirit, the team opted not to outsource manufacturing to grow into the demands of major retail.

Instead, they built a kitchen of their own.

It was here where they developed a proprietary process that was perfected and verified over several years to effectively capture the vibrancy of that homemade taste and achieve a 16-week shelf life that would allow them to distribute nationally, reaching across the country - from the Brooklyn Navy Yard to Hollywood, even reaching the shores of Hawaii - with a truly fresh, preservative free, delicious salsa.

This led to Jalapa Jar’s expansion from regional specialty stores and into Whole Foods, which singled out ‘refrigerated, fresh snacks’ as a top trend to watch in 2020.

Crafted by Texans but made in Brooklyn’s Navy Yard, Jalapa Jar is now the most widely loved and distributed fresh salsa brand in the country. From coast to coast, Jalapa Jar is on a mission to prove that fresh salsa can be enjoyed everywhere without compromise.

Hey, if we can make it here in New York, we can make it anywhere.

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  • Small Batch, Handcrafted

    Handcrafted in small batches

  • Fresh Produce

    Fresh produce

  • Fire-Roasted


  • Balanced Flavor

    Balanced flavor

  • No additives or preservatives

    No additives or preservatives