Two New Yorkers,

Two Texans

& a commitment to quality.

Tommy and Steve hatched a plan with Joel to jar his recipe and the three of them made a commitment to creating a product with a brand that embodies freshness & quality

Joel went off to culinary school in Austin in 2006. While developing his palate and culinary skills, he created the original Jalapa Jar recipe. 

For 9 years, the salsa was made for countless friends, family members, colleagues and strangers, spanning multiple continents—and each time a bowl of salsa reached the table, it was gone in minutes.

In the summer of 2015, Tommy was returning to the states after a business venture in London. He joined up with his cousin Steve who had recently left finance and was eager to pour his passion for business into a startup. With the idea of sharing Joel’s delicious salsa recipe with the world already in Tommy’s subconscious, Steve and Tommy decided to integrate their skills in marketing and business into an entrepreneurial venture.






Executive Chef

Jalapa Jar

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